B T.

Just had my second closet done by Blue Moon Closet Systems. Great company. Both closets were done within a month of my placing the order. The closets look great. Their prices are lower than a big California franchise operation I've also had two closets done by. I asked the California franchise company for a quote for what could have been the third closet by them, but wound up accepting the proposal from independent Blue Moon Closet Systems instead. For my first closet with Blue Moon, they came up with an accessibility feature for my disability. The living room closet that they did yesterday - I'm just sitting here admiring it. I haven't put any books on the shelves yet. Originally I'd wanted to replace the ugly closet doors that came with my condo, but Blue Moon Closets suggested I just remove the doors altogether and have their beautiful cabinetry in full view. I eventually came around to agreeing, thinking that if I changed my mind later I could always order new closet doors. But now that I see how beautiful the closet is without closet doors, I have no intention of installing new doors.

San Francisco, CA