Sarath P.

We had a good experience with Blue Moon Closet systems. We got estimates from 3 places (including Bluemoon, one from Home Depot and another Closet company) for a custom closet installation + closet door replacement for our master bedroom. 
Why did we choose Blue Moon over the other two? 
1). Their sales style was different from the other two. Both Home Depot and the other company, after measuring our closet space generated a closet design (in one case using some software in their laptop and in Home Depot's case 'hand-drawn' along with a design module book with prebuilt designs) and gave us a price quote right away. It seemed very professional and efficient, however, they kind of expected us to commit to working with them right away by giving a deposit. Without a deposit they refused to even share the design with us. We have no idea why, it was a standard reach-in closet and the designs were nothing fancy. Overall, we felt put off by this kind of sales tactic. In Home Depot's case, the lady did a sales pitch for their Credit Card as well!

Blue moon approach was different and very straight forward. Katie came in to measure our closet. After that, everything was over email/phone. They shared the first draft of the design within 3 days over the email with all the material choices AND price estimates. We suggested some modifications over email , and they revised the design and shared the new one and revised estimates. There was no fuss over 'sharing the design unless we commit' ! Overall, this gave us enough comfortable time to think over the design (with estimate & design in hand) at our leisure.

2). Their quote also came in lower than the others by a reasonably significant amount for pretty much the same design. 

After sales experience with Blue Moon 
After the installation of the closet & door (Contractor's Wardrobe Trimline series door), we saw that the door handles were missing and we also needed some rubber stoppers where the door touches our baseboard when it closes. They were pretty prompt in responding to it. Seems the Contractor's Wardrobe door didn't ship with the handles (they were supposed to according to the brochure). In any case, they managed to find some handles from their stock and came back to get it installed along with the rubber stoppers. Overall we were happy that they responded promptly to this without delays.

Will call them again when we plan to do something similar in other rooms.

San Jose, CA